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B. Barnes

Founder / Host

Born & raised in NC, Brandon Barnes aka "B. Barnes" is the founder & creative director of the Gentleman's Guide.

In 2008, he was afforded the opportunity to attend NC State University on a full athletic scholarship playing football. While his football career did not pan out the way he originally intended, he's grateful for the people he met along the way and his experiences. In 2012, he attained his Bachelor's Degree in Communication Studies from NC State University and has worked in operations & the telecommunications & clinical research industries since. 

He is a proud husband and father to his wife Gabrielle & 3 beautiful boys (Brandon Jr., Wesley & Miles).

After transitioning into his adult life, he realized that his voice & experiences were a story that needed to be heard. He originally started the Gentleman's Guide on instagram to offer advice to other guys on relationships and just life in general.


He quickly realized that this idea would better serve his peers if he went deeper. 

Truly understanding how black men are socialized and how do we move forward in a world that continues to offer up a multitude of obstacles. 

These are the ongoing questions he seeks to answer.

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